• Develops social/emotional skills and confidence
  • First time listening skills
  • Improves success in Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Improves body awareness
  • Prepares your child for learning martial arts and other sports

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“Our daughter has been attending the Wee Warriors program for almost two years. We started her at age 3 and originally intended it to be a short term activity, during a summer break. We decided to keep her enrolled because of the quality of both the program and her teachers (who are incredibly patient and kind). She has become more confident and self-assured and has also improved upon her physical abilities. The other day, I saw a “real life application” of what she has learned. She was playing on the bed and fell off backwards. She instinctively landed in a back break-fall, with her forearms flat. By doing so, she protected her wrists, and her head never hit the floor. She has worked on this maneuver in Wee Warriors routinely over the past 2 years, and it obviously paid off!”


“Since becoming Wee Warriors, our four year old twins have a lot more body confidence. And WOW, it is really neat to watch how well they can kick now!

“The other day, they had a play at their day care school where they did a “super hero course”. It wasn’t as challenging as the obstacle courses their teacher puts them through and they were better than the other kids! I think that’s because they are used to getting longer task lists during their Wee Warriors classes! We love it!”



My 3 and 5 year olds have been attending weekly classes for about 6 months. I originally signed the kids up because I thought martial arts might be a good way for my shy 3 year old to gain some confidence. Their instructor has been incredibly patient with him, but not so much so that his shyness is enabled.



We have been more than happy with the Wee Warriors program. The teachers are wonderful–patient, kind, and encouraging. Our son loves coming to the classes, and they’ve been great for his self confidence and focus as well as a constructive outlet for his boundless energy!”



The Wee Warriors Experience

Our program will teach your child the foundations for learning martial arts while imparting life skills and improved body awareness.

Children learn etiquette and respect from being part of our martial arts school, which prepares them for learning in a classroom environment. Wee Warriors learn how to listen attentively through positive reinforcement, and they learn to distinguish when to be silly and playful from when they should be settled and engaged. These skills are very important for easing the transition into pre-school and Kindergarten.

Games and drills, taught in a supportive environment, keep children delighted and interested as they learn new skills. Embedded in the fun activities are exercises that strengthen their bodies, as well as develop their balance, coordination and body-awareness.

Discipline is presented with warm, positive reinforcement to support curiosity and confidence. Class sizes are extremely limited to insure all children get the support and instruction that they need.

Additionally, children learn how martial arts is a treasure to be enjoyed in the proper context. Punching and kicking people just for fun is taught as not okay. Pets and younger siblings can breathe easier!

Every Wee Warrior’s journey at Traditional Martial Arts Academy begins with a Beginner’s Program. This gives your child the chance to experience the class for themselves and it gives you the chance to evaluate our program for yourself as well as chat with other parents to get their impressions. Use the form below or call us at 512.535.4404 to start your child’s journey as a Wee Warrior. Because of our small teacher-to-student ratios, classes fill up fast and stay full, so contact us now!